Aggressive behaviour

Aggressive behaviour is characterized by a lack of concern for other people’s opinions, feelings, and desires. Aggressiveness can be seen as bullying, intimidating or manipulating others, and the basic goal of aggressive behaviour is the domination of others through verbal or physical displays of power and threats of violence or retaliation. Aggressive individuals sometimes get their way in the short run, but in the long run their behaviour is self-defeating, often leaving them with few friends and many social enemies.

Some characteristics of aggressive behaviour are:

  • Ignoring or dismissing the needs, opinions, feelings or beliefs of others.
  • Expressing your own needs, wants, opinions in inappropriate ways.
  • Aggressive body language, such as shouting or acting dramatically.
  • Excessive sarcasm.
  • Violating the rights of others.

Unfortunately, assertiveness is often confused with aggression. People think that assertiveness means getting what you want, rather than reaching the best possible conclusion for all concerned. Aggressiveness involves standing up for your rights in a way that violates the rights of the other person, while assertiveness is concerned for both your rights and the rights of the other person.

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