About Svenda

self portraitHi there, I am Svenda Scholey, your detox your thinking professional life coach.

Working with me, you may develop strategies and deliver results for achieving your own individual brand of success. With self-honesty, self-belief, commitment, time and space to think – and a quality coaching experience – I believe we can all find a way to achieve our best.

I am fond of saying “Through the coaching dynamics, you achieve a much better sense of quite what you want, what you need to be different, what you need to do to succeed and how to make it all happen. Inspiring choice, personal mastery and purposefulness, coaching delivers results. Life is for living – to the full – and a quality coaching experience can be just the right catalyst for making it all happen.

Professional Qualifications.

  • NLP Practitioner – INLPTA Diploma and Practitioner with Inspiritive NLP Training Australia
  • Professional Coach – qualified with The Coaching Academy UK
  • Performance Coach [Newcastle College Positive Impact Coaching]
  • Continuous professional development with recognised training providers in professional disciplines.
  • A member of the British Computer Society
  • A wealth of Leadership and Management professional experience and practitioner training

Professional ethics and values

You and I can work together in a professional relationship of mutual trust and commitment. I have no agenda other than to challenge and sustain you to realise your potential in the topic(s) of your choice. As a professional coach I am bound by a professional code of conduct, ensuring you of integrity, ethical and professional behaviour in your coaching experience.


Through personal experience as both Coach and as a Client I know that Coaching delivers results. Coaching fuels personal effectiveness through increased self-awareness and enhanced self-discovery, better goal setting and planning and achievement of change, a better quality, more balanced life and lower stress levels – and more. I have coached individuals in a variety of aspects in their lives – amazed by the transformations individuals can, and do, make for themselves and their future lives – client testimonials speak for themselves.

I was inspired to set up detox your thinking to offer quality coaching experiences to as many individuals as possible.

Here are my contact details – looking forward to hearing from you.

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