Costs and Consequences

Do you ever find yourself really wanting something while, at the same time, reluctant to act, reluctant to actually do anything, to achieve it? Perhaps you have a sense that ‘something’s wrong’ or a suspicion that, maybe, there is an unacceptable price to pay or undesirable consequences associated with achieving what you want?

Are you interested in a means of evaluating the outcome of your actions – before you act? Do you want to ensure that your actions will have the desired impact, check for any undesirable consequences, identify any obstacles so that you may choose to take them into account by formulating strategies for success – before you commit yourself to act?

To get an even better sense of the likely consequences of your action, do have a go at the approach described here in a Costs and Consequences Workbook. This approach is particularly useful when you have a desired outcome where you are aware of a conflict of some kind – or in the decision-making or planning stages. Consider and assess what effects a course of action may have – before you actually do it!

Checking out costs and consequences may engage you in analytic thought, gathering information from others, creating and testing out the viability of future scenarios and paying attention to your gut feelings.

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